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innovative power technologies

designed and built for industry

reducERS electricity recycling system

  • reducERS: our proprietary power and energy retrofit technology, captures electricity currently lost to heat energy from industrial machines. Designed for heavy-duty use, it delivers high-power bursts over frequent cycles with an extendable ultra-long service life.

  • Key Benefits: Drastically reduce energy costs and carbon footprint while improving machinery efficiency. Unlike conventional batteries, reducERS is non-degrading and site-safe for personnel and low fire risk environments.

  • Applications: Ideal for retrofitting a wide range of industrial machines, including presses, milling, grinding, cranes, marine systems, and more powered by motors and drives.

  • How It Works: reducERS connects to your machinery's "exhaust" to capture wasted electricity converted to heat. This energy is stored and can be released into the host machine or the entire factory. It's compatible with multiple machines from different OEMs.


reportERS energy efficiency monitoring

  • reportERS: Our monitoring technology provides high-resolution data on energy consumption and performance, enabling precise savings analysis and energy optimization opportunities.

  • Key Benefits: Understand savings potential, track IR Power's electricity recovery impact, and identify optimization opportunities, providing clarity on energy costs per unit produced.

  • Applications: Versatile and adaptable, our technology is suitable for various industries and scenarios where efficient energy management and optimization are paramount.

  • How It Works: Our system continuously monitors energy consumption and performance, delivering real-time insights to help you make informed decisions for cost-effective operations.

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optimisERS operating system for industrial energy efficiency

  • optimisERS: Our energy operating system connects your plant with multiple reducERS, providing site-wide energy management strategies optimized for maximum efficiency.

  • Key Benefits: Unlock value by operating multiple energy recovery systems intelligently, managing energy flows across your site. Algorithms analyze energy flows, enhancing recycled electricity value.

  • Applications: Versatile and adaptable, our operating system empowers comprehensive power and energy management strategies for maximum savings.

  • How It Works: Seamlessly integrates with your machinery, optimizing power flows and energy storage across your machines and sites. Build strategies for maximum savings, integrate with industrial automation systems, renewables, and microgrids for a complete energy management solution.

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